13 Clubhouse Marketing Strategies to Get Started

Clubhouse marekting tips

13 Clubhouse Marketing Strategies to Get Started

Clubhouse, an invite-only audio chat application was launched in April 2020.

Within a few months of its launch, it saw immense popularity amongst users.

The social product based on nothing but voice chat is surely an app like none other.

It brings multiple growth opportunities for marketers to market themselves on a platform that holds more than 10 million users and thousands of chatrooms, functioning daily.

In the near future, Clubhouse seems to become a marketing hub for individual marketers, startups, and even brands which is going to help companies foster business and bring clients.

Hence, it is a good idea to grab and make the most out of the application as soon as possible before the competition increases, and develop marketing strategies for your business, in order to garner customers, amplify the business, and generate enhanced revenue!

Clubhouse: What it is and how to use it

The social networking app based solely on audio chat, Clubhouse is one of the biggest and fastest emerging apps today and seems to be everywhere, with everyone. Thanks to the likes of Elon Musk, Naval Ravikant, and more iconic entrepreneurs.

It is an app like none other and enables users to listen to valuable conversations, discuss topics of interest, attend interviews, and understand exciting people’s thoughts on various topics worldwide. The clubhouse app can be considered a live podcast, where you tune in with real-time engagement and exclusivity.

It is an exclusive app because it is an invite-only app. This means, if you want to go ahead and download it off the play store or app store, you cannot. In order to join, you need to be invited by an existing member, signifying real-world virtual elitism.

On joining, you can select your particular topics of interest, including but not limited to technology, business, health, fitness, and more.

The higher information you give to the app, the more personalized service you get, the more information fetches you a higher number of chatrooms to join and recommends individuals you can follow.

It is like a conference call, but the only difference is that only a few people talk and most, listen. These audio chats disappear once the call ends, like a typical phone call.

How to get a Clubhouse invite

Existing users can invite only 2 people at first, who can then join in upon receiving the invite.

The existing user gives you access to set up your account through a link, directing you to the sign-up page. Higher participation on the app leads to higher chances of getting more invites to invite others to join.

The app is undoubtedly one of the most excellent platforms that help an individual or business market themselves by putting them out there and building a brand like never before. Its global reach within a few months has proved the strength and opportunities that this app holds and the growth it can see soon.

1. Establish yourself through audio mission and vision statements:

Since the app has over 10 million users and over a thousand live chatrooms, there are always people trying to find conversations about different industries, careers, interests, and professions. This ensures wide audience reach through your Clubhouse presence.

If you are an independent small business owner or a newly found company, the app holds insane opportunities for you! You can establish yourself and your brand to promote your products, services, events, and even people.

By being a part of the Clubhouse community, you can share your brand story, founding note, company culture, and more to connect with customers.

Product feedback, recommendations, how to get better, focus groups and more are also incredible engagement ideas that help you bridge the gap between your business and its customers.

2. Brands can hold talk shows with their celebrity endorsers or celebrity artisans:

Brands, especially luxury brands, can hold talk shows on Clubhouse with celebrity endorsers. They can also invite celebrity artisans or influencers who cover topics related to their brand’s product offering.

This will drive traffic on that particular talk show, and conducting such shows regularly could immensely help the brand to grow even further. Now, why do luxury brands even need to market their product? To stand out in the market and to make their presence felt.

Well, yes! Most people believe that such platforms are for newcomers and small businesses, only. Luxury brand marketers can break this notion by getting involved in Clubhouse conversations.

This might or might not drive more business but will definitely help them engage with users that they would not be able to reach out to, otherwise.

3. Sponsoring events similar to their product category/service:

Brands can also sponsor discussions about topics synonymous with their brand.

For example, an airline company can sponsor a discussion based on tours and travels, or a retail company can sponsor a talk on trending fashion tricks and tips.

This enables the brand to mark a presence on the platform without actually being on the platform and market its products and services to a large audience at once.

4. Short advertisements during intervals:

Every conversation has intervals, and one can utilize these intervals by running brief advertisements. These ads will build a particular brand’s visibility, reach out to the elite audience and foster business.

This would also benefit the discussion host, as they would get paid to run the ad in intervals. Advertisements have always been the number one source of marketing, and excelling them on a platform as rich as Clubhouse, which has cream users, will help the brand’s business, visibility, and growth.

5. Develop real-world connections increasing business through use case examples:

People love informative stories they can connect with. Most people out there want to know HOW you curbed a failure and HOW you landed up a fantastic deal rather than just knowing that you did.

This application allows you to share quality advice backed by real-life examples and personal stories. Since the app’s building block is personal and live communication, it only makes sense to make the most out of it.

Such information sharing enables you in developing real-life connections that could lead to business. Hence, it is a fantastic opportunity to get and convert clients. In short, it means you market your story with a view of clients buying your skills in return!

6. Become a thought leader/expert in your field:

Before anybody else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. The marketing strategy of putting yourself out there as an expert in the area enables you to get more visitors and listeners who could eventually turn into clients.

If you know what you are doing, you can market your skills in a way that makes you come out as a specialist in the field. And let’s be honest, who does not want to get their work done by an expert?

This also helps capture the right set of like-minded people interested in what you do and want to share your knowledge, helping you build a room full of ‘your people.

7. Start a club with a content creator already having a large following:

Businesses can collaborate with a content creator having a large following and create a club with them.

They can hold talk shows in collaboration with the content creator, who will already have a fan base, leading the business to have an audience as soon as they start.

Furthermore, the audience will expand, but collaborating with an influencer or content creator will give the brand a kickstart.

8. The strategy of robust reach:

As mentioned above, Clubhouse currently has over 10 million users, which will only increase in the future. It has already caught the public attention and is being loved by all the users out there.

It is an app that finally focuses more on skills and suits even introverts by giving their voice the relevant platform. One of the most important marketing strategies a marketer should utilize is that of robust reach enhancement.

It is an excellent way of building a following of potential consumers interested in your services and interested in the knowledge you possess. It will help you attract new relationships and opportunities, raising your business/personal brand, and increasing your future market status.

9. Provide people with value and the information they seek:

Clubhouse only depends on one thing – value creation. This app is meant for you if you have value to share and relevant information and knowledge to spread.

If you want to market yourself, you need to make sure that you are worth listening to. The virtual stage helps you gain your following, and that is only followed by relevant action by presenting what you have to say as clearly as possible.

10. Integrate it with other apps:

Clubhouse does not have an instant messaging app. This is why, if you want to connect with your users, you need to shift to another platform. This marketing technique will help you build your Clubhouse following and your Instagram (for example) following, simultaneously.

Many Clubhouse users use tactics such as telling their listeners to DM them on Instagram using the word ‘Clubhouse’ in their bios itself. This way, they engage users not just on one but two platforms, together.

Needless to say, this doubles your opportunities as both apps are different, catering to a different set of audiences. Additionally, having one person on both platforms could enable them to reach out to you for multiple project-related works.

11. Omnichannel Conversions:

Savvy marketers leave no chance to convert clients from whatever platform comes their way.

The Clubhouse is one of those platforms that marketers can utilize to interact with listeners interested in your product and service offerings.

Since the platform provides you with a way to share things about your products/services like company views, values, mission aspects, goals, features, and so much more, it increases your chances of converting clients and fuelling high-quality growth prospects through an omnichannel conversion strategy.

12. Engage more than you have on any other social media app:

It goes without saying that all business-driven from social media is highly dependent on engagement.

However, since Clubhouse is so different from other social media applications, it deserves a more proactive engagement approach. Engaging with your customers is a traditional marketing strategy that never grows old.

Brands can collaborate with other industry specialists or Clubhouse influencers to attract more people in their chat rooms, engage with them, and increase their client conversion rates for the future.

13. Stick to your niche and specialize in the field:

If you wish to market yourself or your brand, try leaving versatility out of the door. Being an all-rounder is undoubtedly a blessing, but not when you have intelligent people to target.

When you have a product or service to offer, make sure all your conversations stick to it. For example, if you are a gym owner or a nutritionist, you can host rooms with nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, and wellbeing are the core topics around which your sessions revolve.

Wedding venues can host rooms talking about the top wedding planning tips, the right make-up hack for your big day, etc. Similarly, a firm of accountants could host a session around cash flows, financial advice to follow, money management and more for entrepreneurs and even non-entrepreneurs. In short, always stick to your grounds to market efficiently.


✏️Aayush’s NotePersonally, I believe Clubhouse is an overrated platform at least from a marketing perspective. Personally, I think it’s a great way to escape addictive social media feeds, like a breath of fresh air in a polluted atmosphere of Instagram and Facebook.

The thing is without the social interaction element, it’s hard to imagine how Clubhouse can retain its users and eliminate the event of its users getting fatigued. You can’t compare it to podcasts since it’s live, with no pause or skip options. There is no option to search anything, nothing to analyze which rooms are good enough.

From a marketers perspective, I think it’s not ideal to invest your money in Clubhouse. And honestly, you can’t. There is no data to act on. You can’t find relevant audience data to target. Most of the users on Clubhouse are there to listen and spend time with their favorite creators. There’s no intent of purchase.

You DON’T have DIRECT access to your audience on Clubhouse. Heck, they can’t even interact with others and you as a creator. To think Clubhouse is going to be the next big social media without social interaction features is futile. This is what I believe.

Remember this – if you can’t put a call to action on a marketing platform, it’s worthless. You can’t convert without a call to action. And currently, Clubhouse has nothing sort of it. If Clubhouse has to become the next Twitter, the future of Podcast, and so on, it’s inevitable that they need to add marketing elements that help businesses get customers.

Their current revenue generation model is to offer Patreon like crowdfunding monetization method for creators. This way listeners can donate whatever they feel like or maybe subscribe to a plan offered by the creator to support their work. Clubhouse will take a small percentage of it per transaction. Sustainable, but not very scalable.

Even though the app is only a year old and still in its baby stage, it holds high potential for brands and personalities to increase their reach and enhance their business.

Since this app is solely dependent on audio chat rooms creating value, it has the most elite and intelligent group of users who are here for nothing but knowledge.

The app will help you reach out to your potential customers, interact with them, and convert them!

Source: https://www.bforbloggers.com/clubhouse-marketing-strategies/


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